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Hodoom Laundry Group

We creating a stress free dry cleaning and laundry experience designed just for you. We pick-up and drop off at your door or workplace. We deliver on your schedule. We provide transparency with everything we do. Smart you say? We see it as business as usual.

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Axxia Doha

Established 2006
Employees about 30
Representatives in 4 countries
As a modern company, we are certified we are certified according to the latest guidelines of course.
Our specialty is the design and fabrication modern crane and conveyor, in addition to numerous special versions we offer of course the” crane off the shelf” standard design with components of ABUS or other manufacturers to.

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Cleaning day company

Cleaning day leading company in Qatar in the area of general cleaning identical with the latest high-tech, despite that the company is the high of level of service and this gives great confidence to thousands of customers in Qatar. Our services is cleaning car in your place, cleaning services buildings, furniture and glass inside & outside, hospitality services and pest control services